breathe again (Lyrics) by Joy Oladokun MP3

breathe again (Lyrics) by Joy Oladokun MP3

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Title breathe again (Lyrics) by Joy Oladokun
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breathe again by Joy Oladokun
Album: in defense of my own happiness, Vol. 1

breathe again Lyrics:

The Devils in the basement in my home
A flight of stairs is way too close
He comes for me when I'm alone
Collecting debts I didn't owe (That I don't)

Follow me down where the waters run deep
I'll let you drown in the worst of me
If my intentions are good
Why can't I come clean
If heavens above
Where does that leave me?

Am I looking for revival?
Am I dressed in other's sin?
(If I)
Hold my breath until I'm honest
Will I ever breathe again?

When the worlds so heavy I can't stand
I close my eyes and start again
Though my heart is in my hands
I won't break
Give me faith to bend

#breathe again
#indefense of my own happiness, Vol. 1

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