The Temptations - My Girl MP3

The Temptations - My Girl MP3

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Title The Temptations - My Girl
Duration 03:11
File Format mp3
Mime Type audio/mpeg
Bitrate 128 kbps
Size 4.37 MB
Views 22,065x
Uploaded on 29 Mei 2017

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Select 1080HD. Not actually The Temptations, but brilliantly accurate lookalikes in NBC's 1998's brilliant Emmy Award miniseries 'The Temptations Story'. A lip-synched dramatised performance with the original Temptations track. Another upload on YouTube has remastered audio track over this footage, but I prefer it as it is, the added handclaps, for me, make it feel more like a live performance.
The standard definition DVD was ripped at 1080HD. (Bitrate: 7990kbps, Audio Sampling: 48kHz). Remember, YouTube only automatically allocates better audio to HD uploads.

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